Explore STEM Discipline & Renewable Energy Hone your child's interest in science, engineering, technology and ecology with the...
About: The 6 in 1 Solar Kit lets kids learn about conservation, eco-friendly design, robotics, and energy production...
About: Build your own frilled lizard and learn about basic robotic skill and concept through this robot kit. With...
About: T4 is a phenomenal educational toy gift, powered by a natural green energy source of sunlight. T4 Robot...
About: Hydraulic Robot Arm has made robot kits a little more interesting and hydro-mechanically fun. With hydraulic arm edge,...
About: 7 in 1 Solar Rechargeable Space Fleet comes with snap together plastic parts, micro rechargeable battery, solar panel, and...
About: This is not your average dinosaur wooden puzzle. Dinobots T-Rex is a spectacular specimen with abilities to detect sound...
About: T3 3 in 1 Robot can take on three fun, futuristic shapes: a classic robot, a tank,...
About: The Salt Water Fuel Cell Motorcycle is an educational toy that unlocks kids' creativity and problem-solving skills while...
About: The Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Car is an educational toy that unlocks kids' creativity and problem-solving...
About: 3 in 1 All Terrain Robot is a multi-function tracked mobile robot. The robot can turn into different...
Magnetic Levitation Train KitMagnetic Levitation Train Kit
About: Magnetic Levitation Train Kit is a modern train model that is moving without any motors. Rely solely on...
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