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A problem with this particular kit?!?

I bought several ROKR Mechanical Puzzles (Starry Night, Magic Cello and Classic Gramophone) for my father, each time to his absolute delight. This one (Vitascope) is puzzling him (pun intended)… The pins that always are very tightly fitted to their holes in each puzzle, fall right through in this one… When you know how perfectly engineered these puzzles are, a thing like is very surprising and could affect the outcome. He started over 3 times the first part of the puzzle because he thought he had made a mistake at some point, but no. He will have to use glue if he wants them to stay in place in order to finish the project which is highly unusual.

Gilles Paré

Toutes les pièces ont été assemblées sans trop de difficultés. Le résultat final est de toute beauté. Mon commentaire négatif, c’est la rotation des planètes qui n’est pas fluide mais très saccadé. La poignée de mouvements n’est pas assez rigide. J’ai eu du plaisir à construire le planétaire. C’est mon quatrième modèle que je construit.

Laure Leblanc

Perpetual Calendar | Robotime ROKR LK201 Mechanical Gears Puzzle Kit

Paula Villarreal

The instructions were vague at times but went forward with it, didn't give up.

Rosie Hallett
Luminous globe

Present for my husband. He is loving constructing this fab kit.

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