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Anthony Rakic
Fun times building and Seeing Tobbie Robot in Action!

Tobbie Robot is a pretty cool robot especially for the value. It isn't too complex to build and offers a good experience as a result between parent in child in bonding and working together. This is a good robot to start with before moving onto more complex versions. Instructions are very clear with easy to read diagrams. It took approximately 3 to 4 hours to assemble. I would recommend.
In addition, we had one part defective that had a wire come loose and unable to reattach upon opening of the box. The customer sales rep for Unicorn Toys was very helpful and responsive and were able to send us a replacement part with no hassle and no charge.

Jessic Stashick
Fun bot for beginners

This was fun to assemble with my child. The bot works well except the follow mode. It does not follow well unless you’re right in front of it with your hand and continue in a smooth motion. My child can only follow it in explore mode.

Donna Lynn
Great online service!

I broke an electric wire off a fault. I emailed the company for a replacement part. I got an almost immediate live response. We emailed back and the part number right... Received the part in a matter of days! They were in daily contact until the part arrived.... Very Satisfied!!👍

Good product, good service

My 9-year-old son loves this robot. He was able to assemble it by himself with a little bit of my help. One of the parts was broken while assembling it, but the customer center sent us a new part (with $5 cost) so my son could finish assembling it. Now "Tobbie" is a cute and smart friend of him.

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