New DIY Music Box Collection - AMD

New DIY Music Box Collection - AMD
Hello! We introduce you to the newest DIY Music Box Collection! The AMD Music Box is intricate yet easy for you to assemble. It is suitable for both children or any crafty adult. A truly meaningful gift, you can even assemble it and give it out to your loved one! The newest version of DIY Music Box not only just rotates around but has complex advance motions that entertaining to see and hear! These music boxes are constructed thanks to high-quality woods and music mechanism, it can last forever if you take care of it!


Now see it for yourself!

Little-Performer-AMD 53-Rolife-DIY Music Box - Playwithunicorn
AMD 53 - Little Performer 

Ocean-Park-AMD 51-Rolife-DIY Music Box - Playwithunicorn

AMD 51 - Ocean Park

Dancing-Ballerina-AMD 52-Rolife-DIY Music Box - Playwithunicorn

AMD 52 - Dancing Ballerina

Fishing-Kitty-AMD 42-Rolife-DIY Music Box - Playwithunicorn

AMD 42 - Fishing Kitty

Amusement-Park-AMD 41-Rolife-DIY Music Box - Playwithunicorn

AMD 41 - Amusement Park

Moving-Flavor-AMD 61-Rolife-DIY Music Box - Playwithunicorn

AMD 61 - Moving Flavour

Want to hear the music? Check out this Youtube Video


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