Who we are

Unicorn Enterprise Corporation is a well-established importer & wholesaler for STEM toys, educational toys, puzzles, brain teasers, and baby toys for all ages. We specialized in toys & gifts with significant educational value and play value. With warehouse based in Mississauga, we have been serving Canadian retail stores since 2004.

Our Philosophies

At Unicorn Toys, we select toys based on three philosophies:

  • Fun - Toys at Unicorn Enterprise Corps go through a rigorous Fun Test to ensure it brings happiness to our buyers.
  • Unique - We ensure each of our handpick toys is one of a kind, the type of toys you can only find in specialty stores with an affordable price tag!
  • Quality - We cater to little people and big people alike, this means toys in our store satisfy our high standard of material and safety requirements before it reaches the customers. We also offer replacement service for our toys as a commitment to the high quality of our selections of toys
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