New Website, Same Unicorn

New Website, Same Unicorn

Hey guys,

We just decide to re-launch our website with better graphic and user interface, as well we selectively collect some of our best quality STEM toys for the storefront of Unicorn Toys!

Change sometimes is a scary thing, but we embrace it wholeheartedly and sometimes blindly ( but that is how excited we are to share the results with you guys). When we brainstorming of the upcoming change, we want to sum it into two words: STEM and inspirational. Unicorn Toys has different lines of toys and we want to create a special space for STEM toys. The selection of toys you see on this website will be mainly STEM-oriented with many Do-it-yourself products to fire up the spirit of the young inventor! Inspirational is another element we aim to achieve. We carefully select educational toys that are unique and guarantee to inspire your child's interest in the STEM discipline. 

All in all, we hope you welcome a new change, and if you have any tips you want to share or feedback on the websites, just give us Feedback. We appreciate all the feedback and suggestions that head us in the right direction. Stay connected with us!  

Your dear friend, 

Unicorn Toys