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About: Wired Control Robot Arm includes all of the pieces necessary to build a real working robotic arm with...
About: Build your own frilled lizard and learn about basic robotic skill and concept through this robot kit. With...
About: Educational Motorized Robot kit can transform into 4 different shape and movements: Walking Robot, Running Cricket, Rolling...
About: This is not your average dinosaur wooden puzzle. Dinobots T-Rex is a spectacular specimen with abilities to detect sound...
About: DIY Cartoon Clocks is a fun, educational yet practical toy. This toy comes in pre-cut wooden pieces, manual...
About: 3 in 1 All Terrain Robot is a multi-function tracked mobile robot. The robot can turn into different...
Magnetic Levitation Train KitMagnetic Levitation Train Kit
About: Magnetic Levitation Train Kit is a modern train model that is moving without any motors. Rely solely on...
About: Your favorite wooden puzzle with a twist! This is a walking dinosaur that brings the wow factor out from...
About: Your child's newest companion, Tobbie! Tobbie Robot has 2 programmed modes to follow or to avoid objects.  Robbie...
Sound Detecting HedgehogSound Detecting Hedgehog
About: This smart hedgehog can listen to your clap and immediately roll based on your command. As an...
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