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Patti Watson

In a world of large conglomerate companies, dealing with Unicorn Toys has been a breath of fresh air. You answered my request for a new part AND you shipped the new part. It has not been tested in our dog bot yet because the grandchildren live far away. Thank you for for being true to your guarantee.

Peter Provenzano
Amazing service

The online parts request form was well laid out, and the overall process was seamless. The team was super helpful.

Blaise Rémillard
Good time with my kid, excellent service

This was a great way to spend time and share a indoor project with my 7 years old kid. At one point we lost some parts and customer service was simple and efficient.

The level of complexity is part of the DIY fun, but everything is clear for someone who cares. The final toy is working great, but I don't know if it will last for long without breaking or needing a intensive maintenance.

At the end my kid was proud of us and had understood a lot on how to read instructions, desing and build machines. Very satisfying for me too.

Patrick Miron
Replacement part

Awesome service and quickly received our parts….thank you 🙏🏻👍

Steve Bondy
Excellent prompt service

Sent me the missing parts promptly!

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