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Ryan Zaharia
Unicorn Toys 5 star company

My son build the cyborg hand, and one of the pistons broke pre-maturely. I sent in my details and unicorn toys replaced it without any hesitation. I really appreciated this. The hand is now back in functioning order!

Anna Donaldson
Broke 3 times

I bought this for my sons birthday. It was too difficult for him to put together and this was not made for the age listed on the box. The lizard broke three times when parts were either being put together or taken out of the form. I had to order replacement parts which took a couple weeks to receive each time. My son went to put the lizard on the floor and it dropped maybe a foot and 4 of the joints shattered. It was a complete waste of money and has ended up in the trash. The store I bought it from wouldn’t take it back as a refund and I’m not paying for more parts.

Gayle B.
Very disappointed

I was asked to review this earlier but it has never been posted for others to see. I bought this for my 9 year old grandson as he has enjoyed other STEM toys. It was not difficult to build or follow instructions but in the end it did not work. He was so disappointed and sad! After many attempts we finally threw it out. The salt water did not make it run after many tries. Don’t waste your money on this one.

Fun but difficult

My son (7) and I have had a fun time putting this together but clipping each piece out and getting the little plastics nubs off is one of the most annoying things I’ve done. There must be a better way to deliver the pieces. Our kit was missing a spring and the company was able to mail it to us no charge

andrew m
Great toy

My son (8) loved building the robotic hand and playing with it. Instructions were challenging (he was able to complete it without help), but thorough. Hand works great and is of good quality. When it broke (He tried to catch a soccer ball with it) I was easily able to order the replacement parts for $5 (took about a month to arrive). Totally recommended as a great STEM activity

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