Wish Flower Crystal

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  • About: Pack in a glass jar with all the materials you need to grow a wish flower crystal (crystal powder, stirring stick, cork lid, crystal seeds). It also comes with different message tags for different occasions, which make it a special gift. Better yet, the crystal kit comes with a LED light (batteries included) which will illuminate the crystal nicely in the dark.
  • Product Details: Each color corresponding with a different message
    • Pink: Love
    • Red: Good Luck
    • White: Thank You
    • Orange: Happy Birthday
    • Green: Best Wishes
    • Purple: Missing You
    • Blue: Believe
    • Yellow: Money
    • Sea Blue: I Am Sorry
    • Light Blue: Best Friend
    • Apple Green: Forever Together
    • Wine Red: Happiness
  • Box Dimension: 3 x 6 x 3 in 


Step 1: Add crystal powder into the boiling water and stir
Step 2: Add the crystal growing tablet into the solution
Step 3: Place the cork lid on the bottle
Step 4: After 24 hours open the cork. You will notice your Crystals is growing overnight.
Step 5: After 12 – 15 days, pour out the remaining solution
Step 6: Make a wish to the Wish Flower, your dream will come true.